Noble Network Promotion and Graduation Requirements

Students must meet requirements in all three of the following areas to be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate: academics, attendance, health, and discipline. Only students who have completed all graduation requirement are eligible to receive a diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies.

  1. Academics: Students have three academic requirements to be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate.

a. **Course Failures: Any student who fails a class will be expected to enroll in make-up classes to earn back the credits and stay on track for promotion.  Any student failing classes at the end of semester one will be expected to take them in night school during semester two. If they fail classes during the second semester, they will be expected to make the class/es up in a summer school program approved by the Administration. Students unable to make up all credits at least one week before school year starts, will not be promoted to the next grade level or graduate.

b. Enrichment: Enrichment credits are classes taken outside the regular school schedule. A minimum of 25 hours of class time or study time is needed each quarter (.25) credit except for physical education which may minimum of 12.5 hours for each quarter (.25). Enrichment credit for sports participation is limited to .25 enrichment credits per season and the total combined sports and gym enrichment credit is limited ½ of the enrichment credit required.

  • To be promoted to a junior: 0.25 (1/4) total enrichment credit
  • To be promoted to a senior: .5 total enrichment credit.
  • To graduate: 1 total enrichment credit

c. Community Service: Students must complete 40 hours of community service to graduate from Rauner College Prep. Students are required to complete 5 hours each semester. Failure to do so, the student will be require to attend nigh or summer school.

d.Attendance: Students that have more than 20 days absence (including medical absences) will be required to attend summer school.

  1. Health: Students must pass the physical fitness test and health test to be promoted to the next grade level and to graduate. Students who do not pass the health and/or the fitness test must take a makeup gym class to recover the credits needed.  
  2.  Discipline: Any student who accumulates more than the maximum allowable number of detentions, or more than 20 days of suspension in any one year will not be promoted to the next grade or graduate. If a student exceeds the maximum number of allowable detentions for a year, that student will be required to take summer behavior class in order to be promoted/graduate. The maximum number of allowable detentions in a school year for all grades is 12.