Scholarship, Discipline, and Honor

The Noble Way: Scholarship, Discipline, Honor.

At Rauner College Prep, we use the three pillars of the Noble Way to guide our work. To help our students grow in scholarship, we offer:

  • 2,000 minutes of instructional time each week
  • A rigorous core of English, literature, math, science and social studies for all scholars
  • Summer college programs around the country
  • Elective courses including:  

Photography | Art | Latin language | Band | AP Psychology | Digital Arts |Yearbook |College Exploration |Speech | and PE.

To help build the discipline of our scholars, we offer:

  • A wide range of sports teams including:

Basketball, | Baseball | Cross-country | Soccer | and Rugby

  • Enrichment courses for all students:

Art Club | Culinary Club (Cake) | Green Team | Math Club (HiMCM) | Mad Scientist Club | Poetry Slam | Robotics Club | UNICEF Club | Viva La Cultura | and Wilderness Explorers.

  • Enrichment courses by invitation or election:

Jazz Band | SHERO Intern | National Honor Society| Student Council | and Senior Student Council.

  • A course in Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens for all freshmen
  • Student-led Town Hall presentations
  • A rigorous physical education program
  • Fitness requirements to pass to the next grade

To help our students honor our community and each other, we offer:

  • A four year commitment to a minimum of 40 hours of community service for each student
  • Community service requirements to pass to the next grade
  • Clubs and co-curricular that focus on bettering the community
  • Parent involvement during and after school


Scholars’ at all Noble campuses participate in an advisory program for all four years of their high school career. Advisory offers scholars a supportive group setting where they build a strong bond with fellow classmates and have a faculty advisor who will help them navigate their high school experience.  

Advisories typically consist of 20-25 scholars and one teacher or staff member who supports scholars in their academic progress, fulfillment of community service & enrichment requirements, college admissions process, and the building of strong character & self-discipline.  

The advisor is the first point of contact between Rauner College Prep and a scholar’s family, and parents meet with their scholar’s advisor every quarter and check in on their progress. Many Noble advisors continue to mentor their scholars long after they have graduated, seeing them through college and keeping in touch with their families.

Advisors are responsible for the following:

  • Records and daily attendance
  • Announcements
  • Academic planning and monitoring
  • Career exploration and planning
  • College planning
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Regular communication with parents
  • Implementation of Noble School standards
  • Monitor readiness for school by checking for uniforms, assignment book, homework, and supplies

After School Programming

There are many opportunities available to Rauner scholars after school:

Teacher Office Hours: From 4:15pm through 5:00 p.m. our students can choose to attend office hours for individual teachers.  Each teacher offers office hours at least twice per week and students can attend to receive additional instruction or help on specific assignments.

LaSalle: If a student does not complete their assigned homework and turn it in the day it is due, the student will receive LaSalle from his/her teacher that same day from 4:10 p.m.-5:00 p.m. LaSalle was created and implemented to reinforce that the student’s day is not over until everything due has been completed and if they have problems or questions on an assignment, they have the means to receive help.

Enrichment classes: Enrichment classes are offered throughout semester 1 and semester 2 and are usually non-traditional courses. These classes change semester to semester and students can gain enrichment credits through these classes, which are necessary for promotion from grade to grade. Many of our courses are taught by our partners at Rauner College Prep.

Collegiate Seminar

Collegiate Seminar provides all seniors with the opportunity to Learn, Explore, Act, Process and Prepare for the college admissions process as well as other post-secondary options. The course prepares students for success in college by taking time to understand the structure of college, the expectations of a college scholar and providing students the necessary skills to do their best work after high school. Additionally students are challenged to think critically about their post-secondary plans and long-term goals by outlining a post-high school graduation plan.

Town Hall

The Rauner College Prep community gathers one Friday each month to celebrate success and address important issues facing our community, city, and world. Town hall meetings regularly include scholar presentations, reflections on building character, and updates on RCP issues. Guest speakers often include alumni, community members, and supporters who encourage scholars to achieve their highest potential. We invite parents/guardians and members of the public to attend.

Recent Town Hall performances at Rauner have included The Prime Bee, a math competition much like a spelling bee where scholars from each advisory compete in front of the Rauner community and try to outlast each other in naming the most consecutive prime numbers.

Each Town Hall ends with a group of scholars leading the school in the Rauner Cheer, where every member of the community stands and shouts out the letters R-A-U-N-E-R and cheers with pride, reinforcing in our shared goal of building Rauner community that is second to none in preparing scholars to be successful in college and to lead exemplary lives.

Family Meetings

The Rauner College Prep grade levels gather every four weeks to celebrate grade level success and recognize outstanding scholars within that grade. Students are also informed of grade level progress and reminded of expectations.