Extracurricular Activities

Enrichment Courses

All scholars are expected to take enrichment classes outside of the regular school day at some point in their academic careers. All scholars must earn a minimum of one (1) enrichment credit in order to graduate. Scholars can earn these credits in after school programs, summer programs, night school and summer school. All elective programs must be approved by the Assistant Principal. Rauner offers a full variety of enrichment courses to students including:

Zumba - Ms. Monasterolo
Jazz Band - Mr. Vega
UNICEF Club - Ms. Richling
Film - Mr. Kautz
Bible Club (Student Lead) - Ms. Bennett Supervisor
Poetry Slam - Ms. Collins
Viva La Cultura - Ms. Martinez
Wilderness Club - Mr. DiChiara
APWH - Ms. Han
Drivers Ed - Mr. Toro
CAKE - Mr. York



One of our core beliefs is that a healthy and active lifestyle is one of the most important things our scholars learn at Rauner College Prep. Despite our small size and resource limitations, we offer a comprehensive and growing repertoire of team sports and physical education activities. Rauner offers:

  • Comprehensive fitness requirements for each year unless there exist individual physical impairments. All scholars must meet fitness benchmarks each year for promotion.
  • A four-year physical education regimen, which includes instruction in team sports, individual fitness, cardio workouts, and healthy living.
  • Competitive team sports including soccer, cross-country, basketball, rugby, baseball, and others.

Wildcat Sports

Basketball -  Mr. Vasquez
Cross Country - Mr. Robinson & Ms. Bartholomew
Football - Mr. Rotkvich & Mr. Douthitt
Rugby - Mr. York & Ms. Velez
Baseball - Mr. Rotkvich

Basketball - Mr. Schlessman
Cross Country - Mr. Robinson & Ms. Bartholomew
Soccer - Mr. Stetzer & Mr. Schlessman
Rugby - Mr. York & Ms. Velez
Cheerleading - Mrs. McDonald & Ms. Walther
Volleyball - Mrs. Tuls
Softball - Ms. S. LaCour & Ms. A. LaCour


Athletic Director : Robert Vasquez


Below are some pictures of our amazing athletes: